North Docks and Pads
South Gate

Several projects, which revolved around the growing youth program and Laser fleet, were undertaken. Three davits were decked over west of the North Gazebo to provide storage for the junior Lasers and 420s. The west pad area was extended back to the gazebo for the SMU 420s. Both of these moves (2013-14) provided additional space for new Lasers. There was still more need for pad space and a desire to build davits suited for Corinthians. Davits on the northeast corner of the club were reconfigured to add additional pad space and Corinthian davits in 2014-15.

Two less ambitious projects were also undertaken. The deck inside the south gate was replaced along with the gate itself in 2014. The entire electrical under the docks and the lights were replaced in 2012.

Photos by Bill Wilson and Frank Richards.

Wilson  VIP 2011  VIP ca 2010 - Wilson

VIP Demolition 2011 - Wilson  

VIP Demolition 2011 - Wilson