General Information about CSC

Fleet and Activity Contacts

Butterfly - Paul Miller
Corinthian  - Mark Mihm
Flying Scot - Nina Cummings
Laser - Griffin Orr
Snipe - Mark Williams
Radio Controlled Boats - Brig North

Adult Sailing Education  - Ellen & Graham Bryant
Junior Sailing Education - Ellen & Graham Bryant
Special Olympics - Steve Comen
Texas Sailing Association  - Bob Gough
White Rock Boat Club - Robert Hunt



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Scheduling Activities at the Club

The Commodore is the keeper of the official CSC calendar. Follow this link for detailed information and policies about scheduling the club facilities. Please review these and follow the checklist when scheduling an event.



CSC Clothing

Clothing with CSC logo, as shown right, may be ordered directly from Coral Reef Sailing Apparel.

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Defibrillator Instructions

The CSC defibrillator is in the clubhouse near the weather station. Instructions on it's use are in the storage container. Detailed training materials are avialable here.



Sailboat Registration

All sailboats 14 feet in length or longer are required to have current registration and display TX numbers when on Texas public water (e.g. White Rock Lake), including when docked, moored, or stored. Texas Parks and Wildlife Officers can and will ticket boats that are not in compliance. Information, regulations and forms are available at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.