William F. Leonard Memorial Trophy

Bill Leonard and his wife Susan sailed M-20's in the1980's and were very competitive racers at Corinthian Sailing Club for many years.  Bill suffered a fatal heart attack while competing in the State Fair Regatta in 1991.   Susan (a nurse) was crewing for him and they were leading race.  Many of us believe that when it is our turn to go, this would be the perfect way.  

Bill really promoted the M-20 and held the fleet together for a long time.  He and Susan had each earned Doctors degrees.  Bill in electrical engineering and Susan in nursing. Their M-20 was named "paradox".  They were a great team and had a lot of fun racing.  But as with any marriage, a little stress creeps in from time to time.  It takes a special couple that understands one another to weather this and sail together week after week.

Because she appreciated all the problems of married people sailing together, Susan created this trophy in Bill's memory to recognize a husband and wife each year who both show the spirit of competitive sailboat racing at Corinthian Sailing Club.  The trophy is meant to encourage married couples to sail together.  

Nominations are presented to the board each year.  The Board votes on the nominees and selects the awardee.  The award is presented at the CSC Annual Awards Banquet.



2019 Graham and Ellen Bryant
2018 Forest and Mandy Atkins
2017 Eric and Eileen Reisdorf
2016 Robert and Nina Cummings
2015 Robert and Nina Cummings
2014 Tom and Melissa Miller
2013 Cameron and Stephanie Murg
2012 Steve and Renee Comen
2011 Michael and Greta Mittman
2010 Steve and Renee Comen
2009 Steve Bell and Amanda Boers
2008 Bob and Diane Van Buren
2007 Bob and Kathy Harrington
2006 Glenn and Barbara Rudolph
2005 Bill and Gina Wilson
2004 Steve and De McCombs
2003 Tom and Melissa Miller
2002 JC and Judy Adrian
2001 JC and Judy Adrian
2000 Phil and Teresa Morris
1999 Michael and Greta Mittman
1998 Kelly and Heidi Gough
1997 Scott and Natalie Mauney
1996 Roland and Bonnie Foerster
1995 Kelly and Heidi Gough
1994 Steve and Renee Comen
1993 Robert and Carol Gough