The Norman B. Watkins Award

Who was Norm Watkins? For ten years from 1963 to 1973, Norm provided area sailors an insight into the sport of sailing and its techniques.  Upon his untimely death, he had contributed directly to the sailing skill of a large number of the CSC members.  He performed elected and assigned duties with exceptional drive and enjoyment.  He actively sought ways to help others enjoy sailing.

Norman B. Watkins Award
He loved sailing, was an outstanding competitor and demonstrated a high sense of sportsmanship. Many times, he was the first to notice a dangerous situation, a downed boat or an inappropriate decision. He gave unselfishly of his time and energy. He performed each task the best way he knew and never failed to seek and consider the ideas of others.

His sportsmanship is demonstrated by his coaching of new sailors on the dock between races.  Norm believed that sailors defeat  themselves through the errors they make.  He knew that no one ever sailed a perfect race - the winner simply made the fewest or least critical mistakes.  He discussed his mistakes, and other errors that he had observed, suggesting ways to avoid the more obvious and fatal errors.

The Norm Watkins Award is presented annually to the member of CSC who best represented the club as a Corinthian Sailor. He or she may have provided unusual leadership, served to promote the sport of sailing, or trained others in sailing or seamanship. This trophy then commemorates a person who enjoyed what he did and did what he could to help others.

Selection Process:  Each fleet may nominate one person from the fleet and one person at large for the award.  The Board can also nominate someone.  The Board votes on the nominees.  In the event of a tie, the Commodore decides.  The award is presented at the Annual CSC Business Meeting.

Past recipients of the Norm Watkins Award are:


2019 Anderson Jones
2018 Griffin Orr
2017 Robert Cummings
2016 Ralph Jones
2015 Tom Miller
2014 Gene Soltero
2013 Renee Comen
2012 Mike Hansen
2011 Forest Atkins
2010 Jim O'Connor
2009 Norm Grail
2008 Mike Rist
2007 Anderson Jones
2006 Bill Wilson
2005 Steve Comen
2004 Scott Mauney
2003 Sandy Dennison
2002 Chris Dukeminier
2001 Mac McCoy
2000 Tom Forgue
1999 David J. Barrett
1998 Roger Hansen
1997 Linsay "Duke" O'Connor
1996 Michael Mittman
1995 Bob Harrington
1994 Max Hibbs
1993 Carol Gough
1992 Dick Grigsby
1991 Allen Tuell
1990 Joe Brockette
1989 Richard Wade
1988 Ed Lockey
1987 Frank Richards
1986 Ralph Jones
1985 Thomas W. Shepard, Jr.
1984 Ralph Jones
1983 Jerrold D. Wilson
1982 Rowe Verschoyle
1981 Marke Smith
1980 Larry Colgin
1979 Brad Davis
1978 J.W. Jones
1977 Randy Robinson
1976 Dave Flanigan
1975 Nat Wells III
1974 John Diggins
1973 Robert W. Gough, Jr.
Tom Miller - 2016 Norm Watkins

Tom Miller 2015