US Sailing
On-Line New and Renewal Memberships

How can you join US SAILING?

To join through our Member Partner Program, all you have to do is click here and you will be directed to our Member Partner Program webpage.  Once you’re there, just follow the simple steps and within minutes, you will be a US SAILING member.  You will receive immediate membership confirmation, be able to take advantage of all of all of your benefits, and receive your card and member package within several weeks.

Join Today!

The Member Partner Program is a win-win for you, our organization and US SAILING.  By joining through our Member Partner Program, not only do you receive special membership rates, but a portion of your membership dues are given back to our club so we can purchase US SAILING products and services such as the Racing Rules of Sailing, educational DVDs, books, apparel, race official and instructor certification fees and more.



  • Adults older than 18 years of age;
  • Eligible for US Sailing Certified Instructors and Coaches


  • Children 18 years and younger;
  • Not valid for US Sailing Certified Instructors and Coaches


  • One “primary member” and up to 6 additional family members (spouse and children);
  • Children up to age of 18 or full time students;
  • Each member receives a unique membership ID that will remain theirs as long as they are a member;
  • 1 family member may be a US Sailing Certified Instructor or Coach

US Sailing Membership Benefits

    • Receive the latest copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing;
    • Discounts from Sperry Topsider, Hobie Sunglasses, West Marine, Alphagraphics, SailLaser’s JustSail Programs, Atlantis, and North U;
    • Discounted subscriptions to Sailing World and Cruising World;
    • Access to Weather Information by Sailing Weather Service;
    • Enjoy discounts at the US Sailing Store;
    • Compete in US Sailing Championships (must qualify);
    • Receive the weekly e-US Sailing Newletter; and
    • Discounted regatta fees.