Race Committee Checklist

Race Committee Responsibilities and Guidelines


PRO should contact committee during week to confirm

Check Gas Before Noon on Sunday


Prior to leaving the dock check equipment

  • Meet the ERC.
  • See equipment checklist at bottom of page
  • Put flags up at the clubhouse.
  • Check radios (set to channel 72 and low power).
  • Blow one horn as you leave the harbor as a courtesy warning to the racers.

When on station

  • Set up the orange line flag. Set course, setup course board and record courses on the score sheets.
  • Set starting line square to the wind and about 1 to1 1//2 times as long as the hull length times the number of the boats in the largest fleet.
  • Record sail numbers as boats they come out.
  • Ready the start 1 warning pennant and postpone, over early and general recall flags.
  • Designate persons to watch line and call over-early, keep time, backup the timekeeper, blow horn, raise flags and handle over-early and general recall flags.

Starting Sequence

  • Use the automatic timer to time starts and blow signals. The first horn will blow 10 seconds after pressing the start button. The sequence is as follows:
  1. At 5 minutes prior to start raise warning signal (start numeral pennant) with horn
  2. At 4 minutes prior to start raise preparatory signal (P-flag) with horn
  3. At 1 minute prior to start take down preparatory signal (P-flag) with long horn
  4. One minute later take down the start numeral pennant to signal the start with horn and simultaneously raise the start numeral pennant as the warning signal for the next class
  5. Continue the sequence for each successive start
  • Start sequence at 1:30 or postpone (raise flag with 2 horns, flag down with 1 horn, and 1 minute later start sequence - start automatic timer after 50 seconds.)
  • Turn course board around with warning signal or before.
  • Record starting time on the score sheets.
  • If boats are over early - raise over-early flag with one sound (whistle preferred) and hail numbers of boats that are over early. Keep over early flag up until all boats clear or for 4 minutes, which ever comes first.
  • Use the postpone or abandon flags to stop the sequence. General recall also stops the sequence.
  • At the final start, the only flag or shape should be the line flag. After all starts, take down flags.
  • Count rounding during the race so that you know when to finish each fleet. Watch for and record red protest flags and 720s.

At the finish

  • Get to the finish line well ahead of finishers and set the line.
  • Buoy end should be left to same side as at start, but is not mandatory.
  • Set a fairly short finish line - 6 to 10 boat lengths
  • Set square to the wind for up wind finishes.
  • Square to course if downwind finish.
  • square to the course for reaching finishes.
  • Raise the blue on-station flag and the orange finish line flag when anchored and ready to take finishes.
  • Blow horn for winner and hail numbers of other boats as they cross the line. Record numbers on the score sheets in order they finish.
  • Record time of first and last finishers in each class on the score sheets. Record any protests observed.

Returning to dock

  • Blow the horn as you enter the harbor and note time. This signals the start of the 30-minute time frame to receive protests.
  • Post scores in clubhouse and put copy in race management cabinet in tackroom.
  • Take the flags down at the clubhouse.
  • If committee receives protests, form a committee to hear the protests.
  • In winter, motors must be stored straight down to drain water and prevent freezing.
  • Turn off radios.
  • Lower the Bimini tops.
  • Remove drain plugs.

Race Boat Equipment Checklist

General - All Boats

  • Motors and Gas
    • Install gas tank in each boat
    • Pump bulb
    • Tilt motor down to water
    • Do not start until prop is under water
    • Use 89 octane leaded gas when filling tank
  • Radios
    • Use channel 72 and set to Low Power
    • Test communication

Committee boat

  • Rule Book and Sailing Instructions
  • Automatic timer and back-up watch
  • Throw cushion and life jacket for each crew
  • Compass
  • Wind Indicator
  • Course board - numerals and class indicators
  • Score sheets, clipboard and pens
  • Whistle
  • Anchor
  • Flags
    • Orange – line flag
    • Blue – On station at finish
    • P flag – Preparatory signal
    • Numeral pennants – one for each start Warning signal
    • S flag – Shorten course
    • X flag – Individual recall
    • 1st sub flag – General recall
    • AP flag – Postpone
    • N flag – Abandon
    • Flag container w/other flags

Rescue boats

  • C flag with red and green flags - change of course
  • Marks, one with black band
  • Compass
  • Wind Indicator
  • Tow line and bridle
  • One throw cushion and life jacket for each crew
  • Boat hook
  • Anchor (Anchors in locker on boats)
  • Put in drain plug

Club House

  • Flags - US (halyard from the gaff)
  • CSC Burgee (at top)
  • Texas, Commodore and Vice Commodore (at the yardarm)