Executive Race Committee

The mission of the Executive Race Committee (ERC) is to assure that the Joint Lake Racing program has the highest quality race management possible consistent with the Joint Lake Race Schedule and the weather conditions.

The Executive Race Committee is made up of 12 people that are regulars members of CSC or WRBC, active racing sailors and have demonstrated their ability to be rated one of the top race management people on the lake.

A member is assigned one month to act as the ERC member for the races in that period. The duties shall include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Notify the Principle Race Officer (PRO) of the fleet having the duty early in the week prior to duty. Advise the PRO of any special events taking place on the water or off, which could effect the races.

  • Meet with the duty fleet PRO before the races, verify that there are sufficient qualified personal to run races. The ERC member has the final say as to the qualification of the personnel.

  • Assist the race committee, if needed, in opening locks, locating equipment and making correct connections.

  • The assigned ERC member should sail in the races, either as a helmsman or crew.

  • Be available between races to advise on questions, and assist in equipment problems.

  • At the end of the races for the day, the ERC member should thank the race committee on behalf of the sailors.

  • Assure all of the paper work is complete, and the scores posted. Discuss any issues that caused problems for the race committee.

  • If protests are filed, the ERC member should be available to make sure proper procedures are followed and the protest is disposed of correctly. The ERC member should not be a member of the protest committee.

  • Notify the appropriate people of equipment problems that need to be addressed before the next race.

  • In the case that an assigned fleet fails to provide sufficient qualified personnel, the ERC member shall form a race committee from volunteers and run the races as scheduled.