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Online Membership Renewal

CSC is using a new online service, Wild Apricot, to manage membership and renewals.  You should have received an email with more information about logging in. Your login id is your email address.  Click here to setup your password.   From there, you will be able to renew and pay your membership online.  If you are still having trouble getting logged in, contact the Membership Committee.

To renew your membership, go to Wild Apricot and login. Then go to your member profile as shown below. 


WA Member Profile

Check to make sure that your profile information is correct.  Please add your phone number.  We may need to get ahold of you outside of email. Check your service hours. Review your davits and board pad leases and numbers. Insure they are correct. 

Another thing, if your spouse would like to receive emails - like events, they need to be added ("Bundled") in the WA system.  They will get their own profile and be known members of the club.

US SAILING  is the national governing body for the sport of sailing in the USA.  It provides leadership, programs and events to enable sailors to enjoy the sport for a lifetime. US SAILING may be joined through the club at a discount when you apply from here: US SAILING membership. As part of the membership package, a US SAILING member will receive the RACING RULES FOR SAILING - the rules of the sport.