RC at Snipe Nationals


1.The race committee shall be composed of at least six (6) members. Each fleet on their scheduled day shall provide the Principle Race Officer (PRO) and five (5) assistants. Each Rescue Boat shall be manned by two (2) and no more than three (3) competent people and the Committee Boat shall be manned by at least two (2) and no more than five (5) competent people.

2. The Executive Race Committee (ERC) will meet with the PRO before the races each Sunday and actively participate in a parliamentary position for any protest following the races. It will be the responsibility of the PRO to provide adequate qualified personnel. The ERC shall be the final authority as to the personnel qualifications.

3. The PRO shall not leave the dock or conduct races without adequate qualified personnel. The term “qualified” means CSC club members, or regular crew members of the fleet on duty. The term “adequate” means people who have some knowledge of sailing, rules of water safety and operations of the race committee equipment and are capable of performing the duties of race members. Young children shall not be taken aboard committee boat or rescue boats under any circumstances. (Competent experienced youth may serve on the committee boat or as a third person on a rescue boat at the discretion of the ERC.)

4. If a Fleet is unable to fulfill its race committee duty obligation, it will be suspended from the racing for a period of one (1) month. In the event that this occurs, the ERC member shall assume the role of PRO and make every effort to form a Race Committee and hold races.

5a. The PRO will be the sole judge as to whether conditions are such that races can be run safely. It is recommended that a starting line not be set when the temperature is below 40°F or when the wind is in excess of 25 MPH. It is the responsibility of the individual skippers to judge their own abilities to safely engage in races.

5b. The PRO may cancel races if there are less than six (6) boats [two (2) classes with three (3) boats each, or one (1) class with six (6) boats] prepared to race.

5c. If weather is marginal at 1:30 p.m., DO NOT CANCEL, but postpone for 30 minutes, by Code flag “AP” with two (2) sound signals. The warning signal for the first race will be made not less than thirty (30) minutes after the “AP” is lowered. If at 2:30 p.m., it is obvious that a race can not be run, the PRO may consider cancellation. A cancellation prior to 2:30 p.m. may be considered failure to fulfill race committee duty